Designing for abortion rights in all 50 states + Washington D.C. + Puerto Rico.
100% of proceeds go to the National Network of Abortion Funds.


Ali Place
As a trigger ban state, abortion became criminalized in Arkansas with the SCOTUS Dobbs decision. And yet—Arkansas has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the country, the highest teen pregnancy rate in country, and ranks 49th in the country for the health of women and children. Abortion is a human right that plays a vital role in healthcare, community care, and reproductive justice for people with uteruses across the gender spectrum.

Ali Place (she/they) is a designer, educator and writer in Arkansas whose work explores the intersection of design and feminist theory as a space for critical making and radical speculation. Her forthcoming book, Feminist Designer: On the Personal and the Political in Design (MIT Press 2023), illuminates design as a feminist practice through essays, case studies and dialogues. She is currently an assistant professor of graphic design at the University of Arkansas.

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Designing for abortion rights in all 50 states + Washington D.C. + Puerto Rico